Adorable Family, and Meadowlark is Wow

Lauren and Nate and little Everett were so much fun to talk to and capture photos for - it felt like we picked up as old friends, hanging out and exploring a new park. And Meadowlark is - wow. I have heard of it in photographer communities for awhile now but had never made it out there until scouting for their session the weekend prior. The gardens are vast and beautiful, with delightful flowers and really amazing ponds and views. I will absolutely be back! And I think Lauren and her family will, too - we were all marveling at it during our walkaround. Like my session the day before with Jenny, Zach, and Ezzy, we kept a very close eye on the weather, and it cleared up and turned into a perfect Spring day!

DC Area Moms - a great resource to check out - hosted a virtual wreath-making event back in December and Lauren and I connected there during a fabulous evening. We both were excited to explore Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, so I called and got a permit right away, since I know they book up fast. And they did for all April weekends, so I'm very glad we were planning early!

This family has had a busy few months: They moved about a month ago - and Everett learned to walk just after the boxes got into their new place (phew!). Good timing for the packing up, and now he is a walking machine, exploring everywhere all the time, and would rather be walking to find new lizards and fresh mud - unless Dad flies him up like an airplane, of course! Kudos to Lauren for at least one excellent mud-save during our time together!

Both Lauren and Nate are in education, Lauren as a college academic advisor and Nate as a third-grade teacher ("the best age"). Once Nate got going on teaching and his students, whoa - he clearly loves it and his wonderful third-graders, and is psyched to get back to in-person! We also joked about how "what vaccine do you have?" is the new "what do you do?" standard intro question.

Lauren, Nate, Everett: what a sweet family you have! I really enjoyed talking with you and exploring Meadowlark with you. Best of luck continuing to settle into the new place!

I said, "at me now" and even Everett looked!