Cap and Gown Time with Family

This session for Zach and Jenny and Ezzy was so much fun! They are a super sweet family. Jenny first reached out to me about capturing some graduation and family photos, and her pride in Zach showed even then. It was important to get some classic grad photos, father and son shots, and everyone celebrating in his accomplishment. So drumroll please....Congratulations to Zach on completing his Bachelor's degree! In a wild year, while working full time for the US Capitol Police. This Marine clearly has dedication - to his job and education, and also absolutely to his son, Ezzy, and his girlfriend Jenny. That was so evident from our session, and very cool to get a glimpse of throughout our time together.

To highlight Zach's work and time in the Marine Corps, we opted for two locations early in the morning: of course, the U.S. Capitol itself, and the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington. The weather reports really made us dance but it was all clear when we got there - just overcast (which is perfect) and hardly anyone around, making for some epic shots. Zach also re-introduced me to Bartholdi Park, where behind a beautiful fountain, the Capitol emerges in the background. Plus, there were tulips. All tulips. I'm a little obsessed with them. I was not alone: we simply had to capture some images on a bench perfectly placed in front of some gorgeous white and purple ones. At the Memorial, we managed to get some pictures just before a tour bus unloaded. Early mornings can be amazing!

Ezzy had a great time rocking his camera looks, and shared with me his interest in photography, which we chatted about between shots and locations.

Ezzy: whether in front of the camera or behind it, keep on shooting, buddy!

Zach and Jenny: of course, congratulations! I had a blast with you three - thank you so much for a fabulous morning.

PS this just in: we both also have/had bichons? My family has grown up with bichon frise dogs and I love them SO much, and this fam does too - thanks Instagram LOL!