All Laughter

What a fun crew this was! Kevin reached out to me to get a family portrait session together while his sister Kai was in town. A special surprise was in the works already: getting this portrait as a gift to their mother, whose birthday was last week (don't worry, the sneak peeks made it in time). And in a word, it was all laughter all session. From jokes and sibling giggles, to some fabulous walking shots - you know I love these - we had a blast together.

I arrived extra early to scout and see what the options and lighting was like. Hard to believe I'd never been here before this session! I have seen so many great shots at Manassas, but had not made it myself until this year. The weather continued to be up in the air, threatening rain and storms but it looked like we'd have a good window. So... then the storm arrived. But! Not for long. I waited it out in the car, watching the lightning and then seeing a glimmer of blue sky. As Kevin predicted, the storm blew right by and then it opened up to such beautiful sun! Right on time for our session, too. Absolute magic.

For awhile it was just four of us and so we caught some lovely photos together by the field openings at Manassas National Battlefield, before heading up the hill behind the Stone House. Kudos to everyone for making it up there in the end, because that view. Perfect. All meadows and fields, and laughter from this tight-knit family. Of course we got some classic shots, some jokes and silliness, and some individuals and sibling groups. Also, Kevin totally owned the swagger during the walking poses, especially with his sister Kai: those made for some of my favorite photos! Then I wanted to offer some snaps to Kevin and his wife with encouragement from the fam...leading us right into the "marriage pose." Everyone was naming it and I had to ask: What? It is her favorite when they are together, a classic couples pose you'll see below, and she snuck in the hand placement perfectly. Kevin smiled and rolled with it, and we captured another one down by the fence on the way out.

Too fun! Over too soon, we took some more by the parking lot - sometimes the light just works in strange places. What a gorgeous and fun family!

Kevin and fam: Thanks for a great time and introducing me to Manassas! I had so much fun and hope you all did too!