Jenn and I have known each other for years. She is a sweet, giving person and absolute rockstar. We've served on committees together and gone to parties and brunches together. So when we started talking about capturing photos of her with her fast-growing sons, I was humbled and elated! We began planning the session together, reviewing outfit ideas, seeing what we could capture with the sunlight in Fall.

It was such a lovely session to end the week with in Nottoway Park, and it was so fun to hear about Aiden and Nicholas's school days and weekend plans (some involving Harry Potter, which I'm always a fan of). And it can be a tough age to put up with a family photo session, I know. But they all brought out the smiles for Mom! Jokes and impressions from school, too.

Will arrived, and all three of her men were just doting on Jenn. We got all kinds of photos together, even some with Aiden and Nicholas being pals (and, of course, being goofy).

Thanks for a fun session, Jenn and fam!