What a sweet baby boy he is!

I got to meet my friends' son Elijah and photograph him in their gorgeous home for this session. It was a blast! He turned six weeks old on this day, after arriving a full 3 weeks early. He was ready to be in the world for parents Ana and Josh. Little Elijah is full of curiosity and daydreams, always staring out the window to see what's new out there. He just loves light, all the time. His ocean-themed bedroom is adorable, and I got such a kick out of arranging the different blue and grey wraps, cozy blankets, and whale and crab animal baskets for this newborn session. 

Ana and Josh, who you may remember from their maternity session in July, are sweet, doting parents and managing this new tiny human in their life incredibly. We worked on a few swaddling images, though Elijah is growing so fast! He loves staring up at his sea-animal mobile, and the most calming music is anything by Enya. He's not sure if hats are for him quite yet, he may grow into them. 

To get some of these shots of him looking at his mobile from the crib, I required some extra height. (It was an exciting day for me when I finally passed 5 feet.) So Josh very kindly went all the way downstairs to get a ladder for me, bringing it up to Elijah's room so that I could stand up high and shoot down. I really wish I had gotten a behind the scenes shot of that! What a fun moment.

I'm so lucky to be able to do this. Ana and Josh, it was a privilege to capture these precious moments for you three!