I had the honor of taking my neighbor’s newborn family photos this month, and we had so much fun together! I adore Stan and Dana: soon after I moved in, I met Dana downstairs and discovered we were neighbors. Not much later, Stan rapped on my door and said hello while jumping into warm big-brother mode for condo help (like how to keep my door from locking behind me when I'm just running downstairs) and "literally, bang on our door anytime, day or night, for anything." So I was thrilled to be able to help out and do a series of family sessions!

Candie and Don

Dana’s parents were in town first to meet little Syla. They were clearly in grandparent heaven during their stay here, and it showed in the photos we took together. This was the weekend right after the DC windstorm (and New England Nor’easter), so we were exploring walkable places with ready access to indoors to warm up. Luckily, Sunday was a beautiful day with fewer wind gusts. We found a small park with lots of fun options.

Candie, aka Mimi, knit a beautiful blanket for little Syla, so that was front and center for several photos! I love this (especially because my own mom is called Mimi as a grandparent).

We also got the three generations of women, which I always like.

Dana and Stan were up for anything, and open to my ground idea – without even a blanket to sit on. But wait, there’s more! Candie and Don were equally adventurous and joined them for some beautiful family photos.

When the wind picked up, we went back inside and commandeered the hotel lobby for some warmer indoor photos. Syla slept through all of this – which made for some easy solo shots! Look at those tiny hands!

Suzanne and Craig

Suzanne and Craig were so sweet! We had a lovely session together capturing little Syla with Mom and Dad and grandparents all. It was still chilly here in DC, so we stuck with indoors. It was a really nice quiet space.

And today was extra special: it was Syla’s 1-month birthday! Dana was on top of it and had a 1-month sticker to use for some of the photos.

Stan wrangled Zeus for this session, and with some noise tricks, I was able to capture several shots with the dog. He was very well-behaved!

We got some wonderful pictures and had fun together! And, like we did with Candie and Don, I love to get all the generations in a photo – here with Stan’s parents Craig and Suzanne, down to Syla.

At last, we also got some of the photos we’ve been hoping for for weeks: eyes open! Mostly Syla has been sleeping through her sessions, but we got a peek at those beautiful eyes this time.

I have so loved capturing this family! Thanks Stan, Dana, Candie, Don, Suzanne, and Craig for letting me spend some time with you!