Cuteness and Pumpkins

Liz, Brian, Sophie, and Hannah showed up looking adorable and armed with pumpkins for our Fall-focused session. It was an exciting weekend of repeat clients and friends, as I captured some headshots for Liz in the Spring! We talked about doing a family session, and then got going on outfit ideas and options, particularly for the girls. The pumpkins were Liz’s idea, but Sophie was the king of them during our shoot. 

We went to my tried-and-true favorite in Arlington, Fort CF Smith Park, and had a great time together by the old farm well, and walking around the wild field. Pumpkins were a definite priority, so they took center stage in several photos. Hannah was thrilled and in awe the whole time, and I couldn’t get enough of her excited faces! We took advantage of the pumpkin buffers and early energy to get some of Liz and Brian each with Hannah and Sophie (the giggles from Hannah as she got a shoulder ride from her dad absolutely sent me, see below!!)

After doing a great job with the walking poses that I love so much, Sophie even gave us some lovely twirls in her dress! That was peak excitement, and sometimes you have to know when to rapidly re-prioritize: With energy waning fast, I knew we had to be quick with the last few shots, so we focused on some of just Hannah (who was ALL about exploring this whole grass thing just beyond the blanket) and then some of Hannah and Sophie together.

Liz and Brian, your family is fabulous! I’m so glad we got to do this, and that we managed to squeeze a lot in before any rain truly came down. What a lucky weekend!