Friends and Joy

Seeing old friends sparks such a joy especially this year, and it was like a breath of fresh air to be able to see Janek and his family again - we've known each other going on five years now. About two years ago Janek, Vanessa, Avery and I met at this same park for our first family session together. And we had such a great time, we decided to do it again! this round taking more time to explore around the park. 

Looking back through my history of photo shoots, I think our first ever session together was the first time I got to try out my now absolute favorite park to go to, Fort C.F. Smith Park. I had seen it once when I did some virtual scouting and had been dying for a chance to try it. And we all loved it so much, we came back! And I have since used it for a lot of shoots, including the mini sessions I had this same weekend.

And of course, the three of them were up for anything, even joining me for a short hike hike (uphill!) to get some really beautiful shots together, and some sweet solo pics of their daughter Avery. 

Dress Making and a Rockin' Family

Since we last got together, Avery has learned even more about design media, and was telling me about how she is hand making a Victorian/early Edwardian dress! Apparently the lace is particularly difficult (she’s got the ruffles down) and ... wow, I am impressed she is doing anything like this at all! I once made an ill-put-together stuffed dog in middle school? She’s really creative, and we used a few of her ideas throughout our walk together. 

They are such a rockin' family, all of them fiercely independent, and they care so deeply for one another - even if these days it comes with a touch more sarcasm! ;) 

It was also really nice this year to capture a few quiet moments for Janek and Vanessa. I set them under the wishing well (alright, the farm well) and we got some lovely pictures there.

Janek, Vanessa, and Avery: it was so good to see you again and catch up! I’m glad to hear you are doing so well and hope to see you again soon! Hopefully next time we won’t need the masks