This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Janek, Vanessa, and Avery's family session. I have known Janek for nearly three years now so I was thrilled to be able to do this mini set. We used to work together, and continue to get along really well. I've met Vanessa and Avery before, too, at company events or extra time at the office, and they are an amazing family. Janek and Vanessa have been together for over twenty years! They clearly have such fun together - can you say #couplesgoals?

I arrived early to much anticipation, because this is a location I've been dying to try out! It's a little-known, off-the-beaten-path local park (seriously, it's past a No Outlet sign). And I love it. There is open field, there are flowers, there is history, there is forest, everything. And it was a grey morning, diffusing the sunlight beautifully.

We explored some of the park, and then found this bench with flowers all around, which I expect to see a lot of this year! It was so fun to see these three interact and enjoy their time together. 

I also learned that Avery enjoys macro photography and even creating tiny details out of clay to photograph. Inspired, this next picture set is just for you, Avery! Not intensely macro, but I enjoyed the angles and focusing options here.

We loved seeing all the birds, with plenty of birdhouses and guarding bird-parents. We saw an Eastern bluebird up close, and lots of cardinals. Someday I'll bring my zoom lens and return just for that.

Thank you Janek, Vanessa, and Avery for spending part of your day with me!