What a joy it was to spend time with this family of four! R&P drove to my favorite hidden gem in Arlington and their sons H&G were in sweet complementary outfits.

I loved the fields we used and the many options available for photos as we walked together.

We talked about one of H&G’s favorite spots, Fun Land (rollercoasters and the train took top marks from them!). It reminded me of going to a place called Funspot up in New Hampshire when I was little: no rollercoasters, but the arcade and mini golf was pretty great!

After some dinosaur discussions (important), H&G took a break to run around and had a couple hard knocks. They were totally troopers about it, and with some hugs and magical kisses from Mom and Dad, were ready to keep going and even make silly faces. Seriously, my families are amazing.

I was so glad, because I got to use the Hendry House and reminisce about a friend’s wedding I attended there last year. We even went exploring by this sweet hidden garden!

Thank you for this lovely session, R&P! Your family is so much fun. I hope you all had a good time swimming after the shoot!