Cuteness at the Tidal Basin

We had just the sweetest session with Trevor, April, little Eric and grandparents big Eric and Ruth! I had a blast capturing this family full of cuteness down at the Jefferson Memorial. It was a solidly Fall-temperature weekend here in DC but we lucked out with the weather and cloud cover. Trevor and I (and Rebekka) used to work together, too, so it was a total privilege to capture his family. Plus, parents Eric and Ruth flew in from California so that we could get some photos of everyone all together, and of course with their new grandson!

They were up for anything, too, and when we got to talking and taking a quick food break, I snapped some photos of just Eric and Ruth together: they have been married for 34 years now! Isn't that awesome? We also discovered some very important likes for little Eric as far as capturing his sweet smile. Being on top of someone's shoulders was a big hit. We always got a giggle there. You'll see, too, that the berries behind the Jefferson Memorial were possibly even more fun. Both Erics got an absolute kick out of the total entertainment they provided. Discovering the world can be fascinating and it was such a thrill to capture some of those moments!

I have shot all around the Tidal Basin before but not right at the Jefferson Memorial and let me tell you, it has got options. I had ideas going into this session, and the space around us kept giving and giving. The Memorial itself is cool, turn around and you've got the Tidal Basin and Washington Monument in the background. And off to the sides and even around back, from woodsy nature park to open air, we explored everything to take advantage of really gorgeous light.

Trevor, April, Family: I had such a great time with you, catching up a bit and taking these sweet photos for you all. It was an absolutely perfect day. I hope your parents had a wonderful rest of their visit!