Carlyle House Gardens

Seeing Rebekka and Loïc again was delightful! We explored a new-to-me park which was totally perfect and had a great time catching up with each other. I have walked by the gardens of Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria a million times, thinking "oh the one with the gazebo!" And I have not been in until now. It is full of options in a very walkable space, as we explored the gardens, the back porch, the beautiful front steps and of course the classic brick background. 

They arrived looking fabulous as always - Loïc with a sweet new haircut, Rebekka with fun purple and blonde highlights - , and Rebekka brought a second outfit for the last half of our session. I have known them both for a long time now, and in fact Rebekka and I used to work together and have been through some fun (and intense) experiences - by the way, congrats again on your new journey! She started a new position recently, and will rock it, of course. 

I was going back through my calendars and Rebekka and Loïc were in fact my very first clients once my business was off the ground (and my very first blog post!). So it was fun to explore what had changed for all of us and how much I’ve learned since 2017.

The way that they laugh together is infectious, and made for some of my favorite photos. Their love is so deep and so clear, and I was pumped for the chance to capture them again!

Rebekka and Loïc, thanks again for such a fun time. It was wonderful to catch up and I’m sure I’ll see you again soon!