An Anniversary and Return to Georgetown

What better time to get family photos than when your whole family is in town? Emily reached out to me for an extended session since her parents and brother and sister's families would be in Washington DC. Better still, this was celebrating their parents' 40th wedding anniversary! And what a delightful family has grown.

Katie attended the Georgetown medical school, so it was nice to get the crew together there and capture some fantastic Fall photos. Everyone bundled up on the windy day in coordinated jeans and sweaters, centering Tim and Eileen for their anniversary. There were plenty of laughs and Nerf football throws to get the grandkids warming up, and we snagged some sneak smiles from the oldest of them, Charles. My Beanie Baby dog Scotty is proving to be a good friend to lots of kids this Fall! He came out and got the attention of Charles and his sister Abby (their younger cousin Gregory preferred my ribbon wand).

We captured the whole crew and then individual families until the kids wandered or needed extra bundling up. Someone recommended ending the session by the big leaf piles just outside the gate - just some silly candids (and more smiles out of Charles) and fun in the leaves. I think some of the "big kids" were more excited than the littles at first! Check out some of my favorites below...and a fun gif!

Emily and Fam: thanks so much for letting me capture this special time for you all. I had so much fun and hope you enjoyed the anniversary boat ride after!