Wandering Parks in DC

What a lovely family! It was so great to meet Dani and her family in person in Washington DC. Her husband Zac, 8-week-old Shai, son Axel and pup Ozzy all came along for a sweet family portrait session. We walked around the area and wound up at a nice little park in Bloomingdale. I liked seeing more here, and getting introduced to Crispus Attucks Park. We caught a smidge of fall color during this shoot - on a day when it had been threatening rain, but thankfully held off. It wound up being one of those delightfully odd, warm days of December. Axel was very excited to get going, and we even got some adorable shots of him with his new sister.

We briefly shared our spot with a local yoga group and practiced Axel's great smile towards the camera. Scottie, an increasingly familiar face at my sessions this year, helped out too - Beanie Babies are back! Just kidding, but some of them are really helpful for the kiddos to focus on ;) We captured some super sweet photos of everyone plus lots of small groupings to cherish, and fun was had by all.

Dani and Zac: I'm so glad we got together, I had a great time on this shoot! I hope your year-end getaway is peaceful. Have a wonderful new year!