Sunny Adams Morgan

What a perfectly gorgeous day we had for this walkaround session! Lindsay, Patrick, and Madeline were full of cheer and smiles all morning. Madeline, all of 10 months, was especially impressive - she was silly and delighted for the whole two hours. In fact, and no surprise, she beat out pup Gio by a mile. Gio made an early appearance in a matching bowtie collar so we could capture the whole fur-amily before Pat took a quick trip to bring him home. He was a very good boy, and even looked my way for a couple sweet shots!

Lindsay and Patrick have been in Adams Morgan for eight years, DC for 10, and simply LOVE the feel and neighborly friendship in Adams Morgan. As we were trying to determine a location in the weeks leading up to the session, we decided that simply taking in the classics was the best way to go, walking up 18th Street for as long as Madeline could stand it and then rounding out to Kalorama Park for some greenery shots.

True to form, a neighbor stepped up to help make Madeline laugh in my direction (very successfully) and then offered up several parenting resources to Lindsay and Patrick. I don't remember all of them off the top of my head but I think my internet sleuthing got a couple nuggets to share: and something about best friends at the Best Friends Foundation. *obligatory I don't endorse or not endorse these, but sharing is caring

Madeline was still going strong so we rounded out 18th Street and made our way to the park, enjoying the trees and a bit of shade. Plus, got some super cute couple photos for Lindsay and Pat! (you know I love capturing these!)

Lindsay and Pat: Thanks for such a lovely morning walking around and laughing together! I hope you had as much fun as I did.