Adventures Abound

A mother-daughter photo session! It was a joy to photograph this family and get some shade in Rock Creek Park. I loved meeting Shanti and her daughter Priya, plus Au Pair, Chantal, and dog, Niko, affectionately called "Noodle."

Priya, a smart, active girl, just turned 6 and already knows Italian, French, and English. She and her mother used to live in Italy, and Chantal is teaching her even more Italian. They have daily conversations for fun and practice. Simply being in her presence generates energy! Shanti makes most of Priya's dresses (um, wow!), including the one for this delightful session. Color me impressed with this duo.

We started talking about a family session - and including their supporting village in them, with Chantal - and Rock Creek Park was always the place. I admit, I haven't explored here nearly as much as I should considering how long I've lived in the area, and I was glad for a chance to do so.

An active family, they love exploring, hiking, and paddling on some of the nearby rivers and lakes. Priya loves ice skating (and ballet, and swimming, and gymnastics!) and I even caught a few of her moves on camera. As Shanti told me, "She’s always skating, even when we’re standing in a line somewhere."

It was a really fun time, going to Priya's favorite bridge in Rock Creek Park and taking photos there by the water and along the wooded trails. We let her play and explore and I photographed her "in her element" whether finding spiders or rocks or feathers. She loves to run, too! Sometimes just on her own and sometimes with Niko. I enjoyed this session experience a lot!

Shanti & Priya - What a beautiful family and village you've built over the years! I loved hearing your stories and watching Priya explore the world around her.