Early summer months are busy - I realized I never gave a monthly update in May. School's out, pools open, vacations start: it's a lot to jam in. Rather, these months shift a lot of priorities and schedules.


I've been listening to this podcast and attempting to get back into a class I started last year (as another reminder tells me I'm just 24% complete) that's basically about being "busy." Except: how do you get to the other side of busy? The ironic part? I've made myself too "busy" to login to the class again, even though it is precisely what I need. Raise your hand with me if this sounds familiar.

Slowing down at the National Aquarium

I am exceptional at making myself busy; I am less good at slowing myself down. There always seems to be something to do, right? If there is any free time, I could do any number of useful things: update my contracts, chip away at my full-image style guide for clients (more below!), scout more session locations. Ahem...clean my living room, clear off the dining table....But that isn't working smart. And it isn't always in line with my life's priorities. Not that these things don't need to get done, but it's easier on everyone if you can prioritize your week, your day, your month. So that these "to-dos" don't just fill space, but that they are planned and prioritized - and reasonable. For example, I cannot possibly clean two entire rooms, go to brunch, finish a gallery, make food for the week, and plan and pack all my camping gear for an upcoming trip...on just Sunday. Oops. I like to think I can!

This view in Vermont never gets old

Best of Ballston Awards Ceremony

People have limited energy. It's just real life. I've become much more aware of that this year, in the midst of a health change that happened. I have to watch my energy, because when I run out, I really hit a wall. So, when I have time, I'll plan out next month and prioritize, and in fact spend less time on it overall. This is where the class and podcast that I really need to focus on come in: Work smarter, not harder. Work hard for two hours a day on project x (for me, my photography business) and then be done. You have to decide to be done for the day/week. So, for July, that will be my goal. To get back into the habit of planning tasks out - rather than deciding I have to fill every minute - and taking time to slow down. It's haphazard at best right now, but July is starting out well: I'm going camping over July 4th! Beach-camping, really, so we don't have any particular plans or even hiking to do. Get outta town, actively do nothing, actively read. Actively go sailing, or nap, or catch up on this podcast.

Just a catch-up:

It has been an exciting couple of months.

  • I'm 90% finished with my new Style Guide for clients! It has all kinds of pictures in it for guidance plus tons of tips and tricks. It's nearing 20 pages! That has been months upon months in the making.
  • If you missed it, I captured a fabulous wedding in Maryland for Cait and Daniel.
  • I did a family shoot in my favorite park. In fact, yesterday, I did a maternity shoot there for a dear friend, and can't wait to show those off soon!
  • Went to the National Aquarium for the first time
  • Two headshot sessions, which were a blast
  • Went to a Best of Ballston Awards celebration
  • Graduated from a 9-month long leadership program! Go Voyagers 2019!
  • Had myself a "museum day" checking out exhibits on photography and the endless art we have right here in DC
  • Went to an ice cream tasting :D
  • Visited family in both Boston and Vermont
  • Attended/captured a friend's baby shower

... "busy" or life? We're always finding that balance. I hope you too get some time to slow down and consider what it would be like to be on the "other side of busy." Are you already there? Teach me your ways!

Podcast: Business, Life & Joy, Shunta Grant (highly recommend her for anything from business to life!)

Museum wanderings