From heart emojis to a proposal to a beautiful sunny wedding day, Cait and Daniel are starting a new life together! Their friends and family couldn’t be more thrilled.

It was a bright Saturday at the start of June and the design was pretty in purple. Cait’s Uncle Steve had flown in from Minnesota to officiate, just one glimpse into a close, close family that Cait and Daniel are bringing together. Cait in her wedding gown - and cowboy boots underneath - looked truly stunning, with mom Johnnie and lifelong best friend Sarah right beside her. The “bromance” of Daniel and best man Karl came through in spades, from silly pictures to laughing fits – and a best friend excited to see Daniel take this step in life. We did a first look with dad Joe, and with Daniel (with patrols on each so they wouldn’t see Cait until allowed!). Joe lasted about 8 seconds seeing his little girl in her wedding dress before becoming overwhelmed by emotion. When she tapped Daniel on the shoulder to turn around, he simply stood speechless, with this look on his face, “I am the luckiest man in the world.”

During the ceremony, there was a surprise for Cait and Daniel: a special glass container that each of them filled with different-colored sand. Once it was full, Sarah and Karl brought stones that they’d signed to place on top, to show their lasting dedication to this marriage. It was sotouching.

Toasts made by Karl, Sarah, and Sarah’s mother Lynn were heartfelt and only reinforced this incredible bond between Cait and Daniel. Lynn, who has known Cait since before she was born, was excited that she had found someone who would barbecue, hunt, and fish with her. Speaking of fishing, Karl talked about how special Cait was to Daniel, saying Daniel would “come home and say, ‘she’s so awesome!’ When they went fishing together, I knew marriage was in the cards.” Sarah was so happy her best friend had found someone like Daniel, and thrilled to be part of their life.

Cait and Daniel: I am incredibly happy for you both! It was an honor to capture your engagement pictures and your wedding day and see your absolute love for each other touch everyone. You have strength in each other and strength of those who love you and surround you. I wish you a marriage of joy!

Vendor Thank You: MISSION BBQ for delicious food and a great truck!