Heart emojis. That encompasses Cait and Daniel, and it’s how he describes her. They met at a bar playing pool, where Caitie first got a glimpse into his eyes and became a “fifth-grader with a crush.” She denies acting this way (with a big grin), although she did tell me he would say she was basically the embodiment of heart emojis. Daniel was surprised by it that night, but very excited!

Their engagement session at Fort Washington Park was perfect. It was a beautiful Saturday, sunny and warm, and we started right at golden hour, with soft glowy light.

Cait and Daniel are so clearly in love, and it showed throughout our time together. Not long after the pool hall, Daniel went down to Georgia to visit her and they had a great time. He watched her compete in her first solo demolition derby! They are now quite the pair: he’s a master technician and builds the cars; she smashes them. There may be plans in the works to work this hobby into their wedding and I can’t wait!

They were giggling and joking during the session when Cait told me, “he didn’t even kiss me goodbye when he left Georgia!” In his defense, Daniel simply said, “you always gotta leave ‘em wanting more! See? It came back to bite you,” he joked. “Look where we are!” getting married this summer <3 And the way they look at each other…it is something to behold.

I learned too that they lived in Colorado for a brief time and recalled when I went out there for an incredible experience rock-climbing at Garden of the Gods. Daniel said it was one of the first places they went when they got out there. I love these little connections.

Cait and Daniel: I loved our time together. Thank you for your patience and for making my job so fabulous. I’ll see you soon for your wedding day!!