"I Love You" in Old Town

I first met Emily and Patrick over zoom to talk about this summer's wedding plans. These lovebirds met in high school, and seeing the way they hold each other and laugh together was such a joy! Emily's best friend - from when they were young kids - was one of my first-ever engagement clients. "We're like sisters" Emily told me. I've really lucked out in fantastic clients from the very beginning!

Emily and Patrick and I had a lovely time meandering Old Town Alexandria. The rain held off for us, and a Sunday morning meant we mostly had the streets to ourselves. At Emily's request, we started with a piece of art down at the waterfront: a neon sign stating, "I Love You" in pretty pink cursive. I'm glad these Alexandria locals knew about it - you can still see it through November!

From there, we caught those classic Old Town vibes - the cobblestone and the brick, with perfect greenery all around. Emily and Patrick are so cute and full of laughter. Their ease together and those doting looks...swoon! In one spot, I prompted, "Look at her while you're walking, but obviously that's easy." Patrick gave me a big smile.

As she did for the proposal, their pup Ruthie will continue in her role as ring-bearer: next time, for the ceremony!

Emily and Patrick: Gah, I loved this time with you so much! I cannot wait for even more, and for your beautiful wedding. See you soon!