Kailyn and Ted grew up in Westchester County, New York - in Chappaqua. They went to the same high school and the same church, lived five minutes away from each other: but didn't know one another! Love, in its perfect form, found a way: they met in Vermont at a wedding for - get this - high school sweethearts. <3 These lovebirds are the most adorable models with a super sweet story, and our engagement session together was just a dream! We started in CityCenterDC with beach balls galore and we had so much fun. I was really excited to do the engagement session for another co-worker, too!

I loved CityCenter. The lighting with the buildings and beach balls was fantastic, and Kailyn and Ted were able to relax and laugh with each other in one of their favorite places. And do they love to laugh together? Oh, yes! Their laughter was endearing and light, and they finished these poses together with silly faces and giggles throughout our session. I did say they were adorable, no?

As we finished some walking poses, Kailyn caught sight of a labradoodle puppy and his human. They talked about how that was the kind of dog they were thinking about getting, and we mused about getting a pup in some pictures (if they had one). Ted walked up to the owner and asked flat-out if we could borrow the dog for the engagement shoot. He graciously agreed and we got amazing puppy love into this session! What generosity from a stranger.

When we moved on to the Wharf, we ran into another 7-month-old labradoodle along the water (guys, it's a sign!). Walking around it was like being with friends - and we continued to find more and more in common. We both grew up in the same area of New York. My family moved to Vermont, where Kailyn and Ted met. 

PS - Isn't this the most amazing, swoon-worthy skirt?

Of course, I had to know more about these two's story. Ted proposed at a brunch with both their families up in New York. Kailyn was surprised but thrilled! They had planned a joint brunch while they were visiting to make sure they saw everyone in their respective families, and Ted saw it as the perfect time. He and his dad went to Manhattan to pick out the ring. Then, he met Kailyn's father to ask for her hand. Her dad joked, “you’re the third person this week to ask!” before giving his blessing. And adorably, Ted also asked Kailyn’s older brother for his blessing, which was gladly given. They are already like family and Kailyn’s brother welcomed Ted with open arms.

As we walked around the Wharf, I pointed out the Ben & Jerry's shop and our shared Vermont connection. It turns out that Ted toured the factory the day before they met, and Kailyn the day after. It was a common element as they stayed in touch after their friends’ wedding and their romance blossomed. 

Kailyn and Ted's wedding will be in Fall of 2019, and I am so thrilled for them!