Getting Those Classic DC Looks

Kerry, Nick, Freddy, and Grace are getting as much classic DC in as they can before their next posting with the Marine Corps, so the Capitol was an excellent location for this sweet session. We had a great time together during this beautiful day, wandering around the reflecting pool area.

Kerry and Nick, who met at Annapolis, are such lovely people. We rolled into the session relaxed and easy, capturing some great shots with the Capitol as an epic backdrop. Grace and Freddy are adorable and very silly, and we caught some sweet candid moments with them alongside the portraits. Freddy was not always totally sure about this whole photography thing, so in addition to sneaking some of his smiles when he wasn't looking, I broke out my Beanie Babies! This day I brought along Scottie, one of the dogs. Scottie and I go way back, so when I introduced him to Freddy and Grace, I got smiles at the camera pretty fast - helped by carefully putting him on my head!

Kerry and Nick - thanks so much for coming out for this wonderful session! I had a blast :)