Quiet Saturday Morning

What a lovely Saturday morning we had together! I was scoping out the overall location with a friend the week before and he showed me this quiet little hideaway part of Fort Ethan Allen Park in Arlington. A dream! Once we tucked into it, we had the space all to ourselves. A little cloud cover, my favorite, and we managed to dodge what little sprinkle of rain Arlington got that day.

Karen and I discussed their outfits a lot beforehand and - wow, they were all dressed to the nines! Karen, Wayne, Adele, and Teddy are such a sweet family and we had a lot of fun together. Style points to Karen and Rent the Runway (a great idea I always recommend!) and...drumroll please...a handmade, fresh flower crown for Adele! It complemented everyone's colors perfectly and, of course, had a matching bouquet that made for some fabulous couple shots of Karen and Wayne.

Teddy had two outfits for the morning, one for the family shots, and his naming outfit for some solo shots. Adele was super helpful to her little brother, getting toys and calling to him near me so we could get that wonderful smile! In fact, we played all kinds of "getting Teddy's attention" games, from the "squid" toy to a Mickey Mouse rattle to Sophie the Giraffe - arguably the most effective toy I've seen in years: she has shown up at MANY of my family sessions!

As we were wrapping up and getting Teddy in his naming outfit, we got to talking about how his name came about and it turns out that his great-grandfather was a photographer! Very different time - and very different cameras! -and it was fun to make that connection during our shoot.

We had a nice time using this natural archway in the park and Karen brought a blanket for some close sitting shots. Never a bad idea to bring a blanket for this purpose! This family rocked it and I'm so glad we got to spend this time together.

Karen, Wayne, Adele, Teddy: thanks for an absolutely terrific session! It was great to meet in person and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!