Exploring Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve

I had such a fun time with M&E&M down in Alexandria! They are so sweet, and came ready for some adventure photography. With stroller and all, we trekked through a few muddy points at Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve and talked about how nice it was to be outside of the city - and so close to it. It’s such a nice quick getaway, you can see the Wilson Bridge but mostly the park is just on the water in this beautiful marshland. We even saw a bald eagle perched and then flying across the water bank to its nest! M&E&M were total troopers, and also super with the poses and cuteness ;). We got lots of giggles with Little M, who turned one just days ago, looking around either at my ribbon bell wand or silly faces.

New to Me!

They really love walking along the trail here, and I’m so happy that they introduced me to it. What a great little spot! We got to the end lookout area, gorgeous this Saturday morning. Little M was pretty excited to go exploring, walking between Mom and Dad's hands and peering through the railing - she got to see some ducks between photos, too.

Letting Kids be Kids (and Couples be Couples)

One thing that’s really fun about these full family sessions is 1, I always plan for enough time for kids to do what they do. Get snacks, explore a new space, run around and let off some energy, whatever: let them do this! The time is built-in so:

2, we were able to get a couple shots of just M&E, who very recently were wed in an intimate ceremony! It's easy to let your young ones take all the spotlight, but your love is what helps them to grow and thrive. Take some time for just each other - even in the middle of a portrait session! And Little M was totally content to have some snacks in the stroller while she could see Mom and Dad rockin’ some sweet couple poses. 

It was a beautiful fall morning and I was ecstatic to be back out doing what I love!

M&E&M: thank you for such a wonderful time together. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you again for introducing me to a lovely little hiking spot!