August - New Website

I'm so SO excited to share with you: my brand new website has arrived! In fact, the changeover happened so fast it went live before I could write this post!

I. Am. Pumped. I've been working on this revision for half a year now, tweaking, porting over all the old blog posts - starting back in 2017! - and getting everything just so. I am a little in love with it and for the past month, every time I went in to edit something, I kept dreaming it would be what you all actually see. That dream has arrived!

So, what's in a website? Here are some improvements:

  • Seriously upgraded design. For real, this template is beautiful and showcases what I've had in my head for years. Years!
  • Direct integration with client galleries. The Client Area will have your latest galleries accessible to you, all from a single website. (Plus, the backend is all one, too, making my life easier!)
  • Simpler navigation. My main portfolio page is easy to find and then the different types of work I have are simple to get to.
  • Better form integration. My newsletter signup form links directly to my email management client. I know, what a concept.
  • Oh so pretty testimonials. Under my About page is a rotating carousel with client testimonials for you to read, thanks to my fabulous past clients. I've been wanting this setup for so long now!

Those are my high points. I hope you enjoy this redesign, and if you're new to the blog, welcome! Stay awhile, look around and explore it. Suggestions? Hit me up in the contact page! I can't wait for Fall sessions to begin (socially distant, of course, with my mask). Also, I'm planning on some Fall Minis in October! Get on the email list to be the first to know.