What do I want to tell my clients in front of the camera?

To treat it sort of like good friends getting together to chat about their lives! I love hearing stories from my clients, and it can help them feel less awkward. Because let's be real, it can feel weird, right? A stranger giving instructions and moving around, getting closer, moving to the side, all these rapid shutter clicks. I know. I've been there, from family portraits to headshots. But this is what I'm here to tell you: photo sessions should be way fun! In fact, I think they are perfect times to enjoy the company of your loved ones and share some favorite moments. I have fun conversations with every one of my clients and it not only helps me get to know you, it helps you relax with me, and all of that leads to fabulous photos. 

What About Posing?

When I pose people, I’m looking for the best angles and lighting to flatter everyone. Sometimes that doesn’t feel natural, but it really looks that way! This is the trick of good photography: most of the photos you love of your friends and family laughing and having a great time while looking “natural” are posed! And that’s fine, that’s one part of what I love about photography. Let me take care of the posing, while you focus on each other, with the occasional look over at me 😉 It is an art, to be sure, and I've spent time honing simple, great poses for all.

Pros of Portraits

I was explaining to someone the other day why I do photography and the phrase that came out was “I love to deliver memories.” Because that’s what these are, capturing a moment in time with everyone together; maybe you’re a young family and these years will go by so fast; maybe you were recently engaged and excited and loving on each other.

Maybe you want to celebrate each other just because it’s been such a fun time together. So to me, I want my clients to be open to having fun, maybe a little bit of adventure, and to treat me as a friend the best they can. That openness shows right through the camera, so that you are having fun together and the camera just happens to be there to capture it.

I've learned about clients who:

  • met in the Navy over a decade ago
  • recently started a new business
  • play the drums after school
  • grew up within miles of each other, and are getting married this year
  • loved each other across an ocean
  • loved all things WWE
  • do demo derbies together
  • have been together for over 20 years
  • also love the Patriots, and wine

Your sessions are moments where you can slow down, be in the present, and enjoy each other. And I would just love to capture that!