I had such a fun time with the Frank family last weekend! They were absolute models and dressed to the nines. I was excited to do their family portraits in the National Portrait Gallery. What a clever idea! It was lovely to get Jessica and Tim and the girls, Maddie and Norah, all together before Tim was deployed.

They were classy bunch, inspired by the Portrait Gallery and Beyoncé video, because who wasn’t? Maddie helped organize a lot of shots, and shared with me her love of painting and art. Norah loves music, and she plays the drums. Their parents were excited to inform me how happy they were that their children were so artistic, coming from two engineers!

Not only are they an adorable family, they sure know how to have fun! Each of them had brought one item they felt represented themselves, or was a favorite toy. For Norah, it was one of the many rubber duckies she has at home. For Maddie, Pixie the stuffed unicorn. Jessica brought along a wooden spoon, representing the dedication she brings as a mama and full supporter of this crew. Tim recently started a business, and brought along a beautiful glass cube to represent that.

We explored everywhere, taking in the art together while finding them interesting pieces to “be” in or stand by. I have always enjoyed the Portrait Gallery, and yet there’s so much, I will never see it all. We went to the third floor to try to find a piece Maddie wanted to show us. And as we got onto the hallway, it occurred to me: I don’t think I’d ever been to the third floor before that day. Everything from the hallway floors to the ceiling were beautiful, and I know I’ll be back there soon.

Jessica, Tim, Maddie, and Norah: thank you for the honor of photographing your family. It was a pleasure to speak with you and explore arts together. Tim, I wish you luck and safety during your deployment, and thank you for your service.