I have been thinking of a new project for a long time. I am eager to begin a new journey: a 365 project. Take one photo every day. That's it. Seems simple, right? It is, and it is also a long, sometimes difficult undertaking. What if I wasn't inspired that day? What if I forgot my camera and it was already 11pm? What if I wanted to take six hundred photos one day - I have to pick one? But. I was finding myself in a minor inspirational slump, photography-wise. I love what I do, on these weekends of clients and laughing toddlers and eager businesspeople. But I wondered if maybe I was going rote, and not pushing myself. I like to push myself. So, slowly, more than a month after the new year came and went, I latched onto this idea: one photo with my camera, everyday.

Day 1 - I'm 85% sure these are cherry blossoms near where I live

I started it a week ago now, and have really been enjoying it. Before the coronavirus and impacts of COVID-19 began to sweep across the globe, I was coming around to keeping my camera and bag on me every single day. It's certainly going to push on my creativity now that I'm home all the time! I am incredibly lucky to have another job that pays me while this is happening, that I can work on that job remotely most of the time, these days. It's an office/computer job and if you have one of those, you may understand why I'm having trouble with the name of this project: I've been tagging everything "365 project" and resisting the urge to say, "office 365" or something about Microsoft Project! ;) 

I'm excited to see how this impacts me and changes my photography insights. In many ways, it feels like returning to the reasons I picked up a camera in the first place: to capture the unique things that only my eyes are seeing. To take pause and wonder at the angles of a building or those three shadows, to play with the focus points, to get on my stomach and see things from a new perspective, or a small place, or to capture something big, like the Smoky Mountains or US Capitol. Photography helps me slow down and take stock of what's around me. I hope to share some of that journey with you though this 365 Project!

Week 1 continued:

fun with detail shots and sparkly heels

my new cat, Ziti! in his favorite hiding spot

see, already struggling with one shot a day! ;)

one kind of self-portrait

mmm. today's scones.