I had a blast with Maria and Doug during their session. We went to a beautiful spot that they picked out right on the Potomac River in Maryland. We walked along the C&O canal towpath, and they were total model rock stars.

They have been married for 3 years, after meeting in the U.S. Navy 15 years ago, and are still so clearly head over heels for each other! They are playful, and loving. Doug can still make her laugh out loud, and Maria teases him right back. They were so lovely to watch together!

They are also the adventurous type, willing to (carefully) step through some muddy parts of the trail, and even walk downhill a ways to get to the edge of the river. Silly, but a model gentlemen, Doug made sure Maria was steady all the time.

We took some more photos at their beautiful home, where I was briefly introduced to their cats (also very playful) and saw pictures of their three children, now grown.

Maria and Doug, your comfortable, supportive, and playful love for each other is magical to behold. I really loved our session together, and I hope you did too!