Perfect Fall at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

How wonderful it was to meet Andrew and Daniela in person! We had such a fun time together exploring more of Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. Plus, Daniela's mother came along so she got to see some of the magic happen and of course, get in some photos herself! What a sweet family. We talked - and laughed - so easily and Andrew and Daniela were totally prepped for their session - flats for the hills at the gardens, and two outfits.

They are such a fun-loving, easy couple who are head-over-heels excited to bring a new life into the world. They started long-distance, then settled in DC together and have been loving and exploring it ever since. And it really was one of those perfect Fall days, the stunning leaf color, a bit of cloud cover with a sun occasionally popping out to say hello. Over the summer, a frequent guest told me to come back to Meadowlark every 2-3 weeks and it will change each time. I can't quite keep that up, but it is beautiful in different ways every time I'm there and I've loved introducing new clients to it. Andrew, Daniela and I were all chatting through location ideas and kept coming back to this, so I called for our slot - the last available! - and locked it in for those great Fall colors.

We captured some photos with adorable baby shoes and an ultrasound, and during one of my walk-and-look poses, Andrew twirled Daniela, and they hugged and laughed so hard we did it a few more times throughout the session. Later, Daniela wanted to get some of Andrew kissing on her belly and we all had a great time getting that shot perfect (and I managed not to fall capturing it LOL). Have I mentioned lately I love my job? It is amazing being able to see and shoot such precious moments.

Andrew and Daniela - Oh my gosh, I had such a good time with you! It was an honor seeing your joy and your absolute eagerness for your little boy. He will be so loved!